Facial acne look unattractive and can be painful on becoming inflamed. Skin blemishes are imperfections, caused by clogged pores. Clogged pores result in acne and pimples. If left untreated, it can cause discoloration of the skin and affects the self-confidence of a person.

Acne on the face can be seen in the form of:

Leave your worries because these acne don’t stand a chance against Carbon Divine Treatment. It is a treatment that uniquely addresses the root cause of acne. The procedural steps of this treatment help to brighten the skin complexion rewarding in a more toned and rejuvenated skin. The best aspect of the treatment is that it is highly suitable for both men and women.

Let’s see how Carbon Divine Treatment assists in reducing acne:

1 Cleansing: Firstly, the patient's skin is thoroughly cleaned. Then, a thin layer of medical carbon is applied to the skin. It is allowed to dry over a period of time. The carbon lotion applied possesses a strong capacity to absorb the dirt and dead skin cells from deeper skin layers.

2 Exfoliating: Latest laser technology is used to target and destroy the carbon particles. The laser emits energy that is focused on the epidermis. Laser light breaks the carbon particles that exfoliates the skin, targets pigment-containing cells, removes debris in the pores and minimizes pore size.

3 Rejuvenating: The thermal effect of the laser stimulates collagen renewal. The stimulation of collagen protein promotes glowing and vibrant skin. Collagen is the building block of the skin responsible for the elasticity, reduction of blemishes, and much more.

4 Acne and Oil Destroying: The heat produced during the process shrinks sebaceous glands (oil-producing glands) leading to a reduction in oil production and therefore minimizing congestion in pores.

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