Miami Peel Treatment

  • This is a patented peel containing salicylic acid, lactic acid citric acid along with hydroquinone and kojic acid.
  • It is a leave-on peel and neutralization is not required
  • Patient is asked to wash off after 6 hours.
  • It is useful for photo-ageing and hyperpigmentation.

Miami –AR Peel

  • It is a superficial depth peel containing mainly retinol lioleate and retinol ester (3 times more powerful than retinol without irritation) along with ethlyl macadamite, hydroxyl phenoxy propionic acid, ascorbyl linolate, undecylenoyl phenylalanine seaflower acid, caprylyl glycol, etc.
  • It is used for photo-ageing rejuvenation and hyperpigmentation.