Skin Toning Laser Treatment

Laser toning is very effective for treating sunspots, acne scars, melasma and many other conditions causing skin pigmentation.


Laser toning employs laser energy to penetrate into the specific layers of the skin and break down the pigments, which usually emerge as a result of sun damage, raging, acne and other skin concerns. It is performed using non ablative Q-switched Nd YAG lasers, which work on the principle of heating up the targeted tissue without actually destroying it. Controlled thermal injury induces a natural response in the body to start neocollagenesis, promotes melanin metabolism and elevates skin hydration. Thus achieving shrinking of pores, refined skin, smoothening of fine lines and lightening black spots. The skin toning laser doesn't directly damage the epidermis but gradually eliminates the skin concerns from the deeper layers.


1. There is no so called pre-treatment work is required for laser toning skin treatment
2. Patients shall simply avoid sun exposure for few weeks before the procedure
3. Before the procedure, topical serums & creams along with oral medications are prescribed by the dermatologist to prepare the skin for the treatment and achieve optimum results. It further reduces the number of sessions required for final results also.
4. The doctor also helps the patient in setting realistic results from the treatment. Also, explains about the cost of laser toning in Chandigarh as compared to other cities. Patient’s health history is also discussed briefly.


Multiple passes of low dose Q-switched Nd YAG laser are delivered through a big spot size to induce breakdowns of melanosomes causing fragmentation and rupture of melanin granules into the cytoplasm. Skin toning with Q-switched Nd YAG lasers is also referred to as non ablative skin rejuvenation.


1. Minimal or no discomfort (tingling sensation can be felt).
2. Skin may feel slightly warm to touch immediately after the procedure.
3. Various serums & creams along with oral medications are prescribed by the dermatologist to improve the procedure’s outcome in terms of skin texture, glow and pigmentation.
4. Patient can resume regular activities immediately after the treatment.
5. Avoid prolonged sun exposure and wear a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 50 (as prescribed) every 3 hours.


1. Laser toning treatment in Chandigarh usually needs several sessions to achieve distinct appreciable improvements.


1. Laser treatment for skin whitening in Chandigarh is safe and effective
2. Works on all kinds of pigmentation and skin types
3. Rarely produces injury to surface tissues