• NUTRICOSMETICS ARE FOODS AND supplements designed to improve your appearance.
  • They offer consumers a potential complementary therapy in the battle against skin ageing, and practitioners a way to both improve results from treatments and to maximize benefits.
  •  These are products specifically formulated with nutrients to enhance and rejuvenate appearance, primarily of skin, hair, and nails.
  • These products often claim a plethora of benefits for the skin, such as reducing lines wrinkles and improving elasticity, clarity, roughness, and pore size as well as boosting collagen production.
  • To maximise the results of surgical and non-surgical treatments, our dermatologist Dr. ASHIMA GOEL offers her patients complementary skincare and nutricosmetics.
  • An effective nutraceutical that can be successfully used as a working food supplement pre-operatively and prior and/ or post any procedure where optimal regeneration and wound healing is required.
  • Nutricosmetics are complementary to all skin care products.
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