Blue Chemical Peel Skin Treatment 

Chemical peeling is a common dermatosurgical procedure performed without any surgical instrument,

Chemical peeling or chemexfoliation is an application of one  or more chemical agents to the skin resulting in dry desquamation or moist maceration followed by its exfoliation and subsequent resurfacing of epidermis along with remodelling of collagen and elastic fibres and the deposition of glycosaminoglycans  during the repair process in the dermis.

The concept of treatment is to wound the skin to the desired level which should be deep enough to cause exfoliation of the layers, While being superficial enough to allow regeneration from the appendageal structures and papillary dermis through wound healing , so as to reduce pigmentation, scars, and wrinkles.


  • This is a clinically guided TCA peel containing 15%-20% TCA and a blue color base.
  • The  blue color provides surface clinical signs to gauge the  depth of peel.
  • Single or multiple coats of TCA are applied to reach the desired end points: epidermis (light even blue color without any sustained frost), papillary dermis (even blue color with pink background ), and immediate upper reticular dermis (medium / deep blue color with solid white sheet of frost).
  • These visual endpoints and clinical signs guide the physician intra-operatively to have better depth control from superficial to medium-depth, so as to produce tightening effect or levelling effect respectively with other peel benefits.
  • It can be used in all the skin color types.