Fairness Skin Whitening Treatment

Achieving fair skin is always a dream for dark skinned individuals. A skin lightening treatment can help in reducing dark spots, melasma, sun damages, freckles, and other kinds of marks. Most important, it can result in a lighter and toned skin.

Skin whitening Treatment Protocol

If you are confused about the best skin whitening modality and don’t know how to start, then you can look for the best skin lightening treatment in Chandigarh and follow the simple steps:

  • Visit A Skin Clinic
    First, take an appointment with a dermatologist and one must check the credentials of the doctor. Let the treating doctor know about your expectations you have in mind and any past medical records. Our dermatologist will let you know about different treatments and their pros & cons and what to expect at the end of treatment.
  • Choose A Preferred Option
    After getting to know about the various approaches for skin whitening facial and laser treatments, ask the dermatologist all the questions that are popping in your mind and pick the best skin whitening treatment in order to proceed.
  • Recovery Plan
    Recovery plan varies for every skin lightening treatment. While a minor procedure might have a small or no recovery period, on the other hand a laser or deep peel would demand a 5-7 days to recover.
  • Preparation For The treatment
    You got to prepare in advance for a skin whitening treatment in Chandigarh and take good care of your skin. You need to apply some lotions before the skin lightening treatment starts. Also, patients must reduce or quit smoking or the consumption of certain substances for the time being. Consulting about body whitening treatment cost in Chandigarh and evaluating the best option is also advisable.
  • Post-Treatment Maintenance
    A body skin whitening procedure will only give the desired results if you take good care of your skin during the recovery phase. Apply the prescribed serums regularly and keep your body hydrated. Keep your doctor informed if you observe any drastic change in your skin and follow the instructions carefully.
  • Take care of your skin
    Most importantly, if you want the skin brightening to last permanently, then you need to take extra care of your skin. For instance, apply sunscreen whenever you go out in the right way. Our dermatologist can help you with some suggested products also.


What Are The Advantages Of A Skin Whitening Treatment?
Skin lightening treatment can get rid of blemishes, freckles, acne, and various other kinds of prominent scars on your skin. Results of this treatment are toned and younger looking skin. This will certainly boost your confidence and leave you with healthier skin.

What is laser skin lightening?
High concentration beams are used to vaporize or burn the darker skin cells. As a result, fairer skin is regenerated. The treatment is mostly recommended for treating dark skin.

Can you use skin lightening products during pregnancy?
It is recommended to be cautious while choosing treatment modality. Ideally, pregnant women should avoid strong bleaching agents and aggressive chemicals. Usually skin lightening treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding are not recommended.

Skin whitening treatment options
A skin whitening treatment reduces the amount of melanin in the skin, further resulting in a fairer skin tone. To achieve this, different kinds of treatment can be done. According to the requirement, a full body skin whitening procedure or a face lightening treatment can be customized. The most common skin brightening treatment are as follows-

1.Chemical Peeling: In this treatment, a peeling solution is applied. On the basis of the concentration of the solution and the duration it is applied for, skin peeling of different types - light, medium, or deep can be determined as per the patient’s expectations. In the face lightening process the upper layer of the skin is exfoliated, allowing the sensitive skin to grow back in a lighter tone. The process can drastically reduce tan, blemishes and dark sports.
2.Skin whitening products: It is the most commonly accessible and affordable skin fairness treatment that once get. Our dermatologist can use a wide range of chemical and whitening products in the market.


Background and Benefits

  • Glutathione is a tripeptide; a molecule consisting of three amino acids linked together by chemical bonds.
  • An essential nutrient found in organisms, including plants, animals and bacteria.
  • Glutathione has strong anti-oxidant properties. It protects the cells from the damage that occurs when chemicals react with oxygen. These chemicals are free radicals, but other reactive oxygen species include heavy metals, lipid peroxides and peroxides.
  • In addition to its remarkable antioxidant properties, the discovery of its antimelanogenic properties has led to its promotion as a skin-lightning agent. Its skin-lightning effects result from direct as well as indirect inhibition of the Tyrosinase Enzyme and switching from eumelanin to phaeomelanin production.
  • The liver bio-synthesizes Glutathione from the amino acids, glycine, L-cysteine, which are readily available from a variety of dietary sources.
  • Glutathione is therefore not an essential nutrient, although it is found in many fruits, meats and vegetables.


  • As it is able to maintain their health and performance and resist disease by neutralizing free radicals and keeping other antioxidants including Vitamin C and E in their active form.
  • Excessive sun exposure is an important factor that causes undesirable hyperpigmentation. The crucial cellular event is enhanced by tyrosinase activity. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation is the most important factor that causes undesirable hyperpigmentation. Exposure to ultraviolet radiations in generation of excessive amount of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species within the cells.


  • Primarily available as oral formulations and parenteral formulations.
  • The three major routes of administration used for skin lightning are topical (cream, face washes), oral (capsules and sublingual/buccal tablets) and intravenous injections.
  • Topical glutathione: Available in cream, lotion or face wash form. It reduces melanin index and repairs the damage of the ultraviolet radiation. It is also used as part of an anti ageing regime. Data about efficacy needs to be recorded and analysed before reaching a conclusion.
  • Oral Glutathione: Glutathione found from yeast sources and various preparations are available either alone, or in combination with vitamin C, alpha lipoic acid and other antioxidants. Its recommended dosage is 20 to 40 mg/kg per bodyweight in two divided doses. Effects can be seen after 3 to 4 weeks and need to continue for a long time to sustain effects, so maintenance is must.
  • Intravenous Glutathione: Due to low bioavailability of oral Glutathione, intravenous injections are being promoted to provide desired therapeutic levels in the blood and skin and to produce instant skin lightning. Manufacturers of intravenous glutathione injections recommend a dose of 600-1200 mg for skin lightning, to be injected once or twice weekly.

Treatment to whiten your skin:

  1. 1.Arbutin: Is mostly recommended for a body skin whitening and anti-pigmentation solution. Experts have found it extremely beneficial to reduce freckles and ageing spots.
  2. 2. Laser Treatment: In laser treatment, the uneven toned skin is exposed to a concentrated beam of light. The regenerated skin is flawlessly toned and brighter. This treatment is also known as laser peel or laserabrasion.
  3. 3.Carbon laser peel/ Chin Doll peel: The carbon laser peel also known as the ‘china Doll Peel’ (named for its porcelain doll like finish to the skin) is an innovative laser resurfacing treatment that utilizes focused light beams to treat skin imperfections. The carbon laser peel works to restore skin balance while promoting a fresh and even glow
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Is Skin Whitening Treatment Permanent?
1.The effects of a skin lightning treatment depend on the kind of process you have opted for.
2.While the result of bleaching agents and chemical peeling are not permanent, laser treatment usually last for years and are considered permanent.
3.The deeper the treatment is, the more lasting its effects would be. But strict photoprotection is mandatory otherwise results of laser whitening treatment don’t last for long.
4.Results of glutathione are subjective i.e. vary from patient to patient.
Results last if the patient takes adequate sun-protection otherwise the skin whitening doesn’t last.